"The breeding of purebred dogs is both an art and a science, thus the true breeder is a very artistic genetic engineer. The breeder plans a breeding program in much the same way an architect plans a building or a bridge… Breeders must struggle to produce the picture of perfection for their breed."              -Patricia Craige Trotter, Born To Win, Breed To Succeed


With much research I have come up with, what I feel, are boxers that are as special as I say they are! Some of the most influential boxers in the breed are represented in my program.  We only purchase from reputable breeders who believe the same values we have and are careful to only breed boxers that follow the standard. Our boxers are health tested to assure healthy, happy puppies that will give your family years of enjoyment. Unfortunately, it is possible that two health tested parents can produce a puppy with a health issue.  Boxers do not have a life expectancy of 15-20 years, no matter how many tests we do.  What we can do is hope that the life they do have is a healthy, happy life. We promise our boxers are worth the time and money, and once you experience what Calico Creek Boxers has to offer, you'll recommend our boxers to your friends and families!

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